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  • Bentley CloudWorx: An Overview of 3D Laser Scanning and Point Cloud - with CloudWorx 3D point clouds can be used directly, or they may be converted into as-built 2D drawings and 3D models, Geoff Jacobs, MSM Online, June 10, 2003
  • A/E/C Systems 2002: Best of Show Awards - 9 outstanding CAD offerings: Autodesk Architectural Studio, Autodesk Buzzsaw, BLIS, Cyra Cloudworx, Design Master HVAC and Electrical, Form*z, HP Remote Printing, Piranesi 3, SketchUp 2, Art Liddle and Sara Ferris, Cadalyst, July 2002
  • CloudWorx 1.0 - laser scanning captures thousands of points in seconds and generates a lot of data which CloudWorx helps process, Joe Greco, CADserver, June 2002
  • CloudWorx - a plug-in for AutoCAD and MicroStation that enables users to handle the huge point cloud data files produced by 3D laser scanning, David Chadwick, CAD User, June 2002
  • A Million Points of Light - a quick look at Cyra's scanning system, Roopinder Tara, TenLinks.com, June 4, 2002

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