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Generic CAD About to Resurface as General CADD

Noel H. Browning

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General CADD Products will soon release their updated Windows software version to be called General CADD Pro.

Jim Faliveno, Carl Ransdell, and Matt Brown have toiled for years recreating this important technology. Serious design/drafting program users should be delighted. Jim, Matt, and Carl have just released beta 1.0.24 of the new General CADD Pro program and beta testers really like the way the program is developing.

Continuing effort is being made to retain the quick Generic program's interface and restrict Windows features to those that the latest Microsoft operating systems do more efficiently.

Beta testers state that: "GCP is more like Generic 6.1.5 than the latest versions of AutoCAD LT or Visual CADD. It has the batch file and macro functions and the program even loads archived Generic GCD's with little editing required. The excellent Generic style Side Menu and Custom Side Menus have been retained."

It astonishes that after abandoning production of Generic late in 1996 Autodesk has still not incorporated many of Generic CADD's more advanced features into their AutoCAD flagship program. On-screen Line Width, True Fills rather than the solid hatch, Text Character Percentage Spacing, Component Blocks as Objects, and the simple, most important Mnemonic Two-key stroke Command Structure. Today's AutoCAD does not even provide direct support for Curved Lines, just collections of faceted straight line entities from the very early days of CAD.

Few of the Generic CADD mnemonic two-letter commands remain unsupported. These omitted commands will be included in future releases and relate only to Component Attributes and Digitizer Support.

New features include:

  • Batch File Macro Language improvements.
  • TrueType fonts may be converted to filled vector fonts.
  • Text Editor is included plus a new Quick Edit command.
  • Vector Font Creation Utility improved.
  • Imports GCD, DWG, DXF, EPS, A, WMF, ELF, and HPGL files.
  • Exports Bitmaps and the AutoCAD DWG/DXF formats.
  • Generic CADD Macros, Fonts, Hatches, & Components supported.
  • Unlimited number of Components may be placed in drawings.
  • Number of layers increased from 256 to 1024.
  • Additional line types added for GCD, DWG, and ISO file compatibility.
  • Device and World line patterns included total 60.
  • Custom line types may be added by the user.
  • Drawing file size has been greatly reduced using self-compression.
  • Cursor rotation can be matched to the ortho angle.
  • Menus include the, easy to learn, 2-Letter mnemonic commands.
  • Send bug reports from the program directly to the developers by e-mail.
  • Windows GUI Clipboard Commands and Pull-down Menus.
  • Command Button Pallets can be relocated, hidden, or displayed.
  • Side menus can be hidden to increase screen space.
  • Scroll mouse input devices support menu and list picks
  • Zoom in and out with a mouse scroll wheel.
  • Visual scaling and rotation of components may be done on the fly.
  • Thumbnail image selector used for loading drawings and placing components.

This new Windows 2D CADD program continues to undergo careful beta testing prior to release. The GCP demo beta is now available so it's time to contact Jim Faliveno and arrange to download your very own copy.

If you depend upon Generic CADD, you will feel right at home working in GCP and persons well grounded in traditional hand drafting can be become productive with GCP after just a few days of use.

For the latest information, send an e-mail to Jim Faliveno <support@generalcadd.com> or visit the General CADD Products Website at www.generalcadd.com

Their address: 1 Railroad Avenue, Cherry Valley, NY 13320.

Web site: www.genericcadd.com 

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