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  • Transparently Better - easy to use M-Color 9 from Motive Systems provides translucent fill styles options, aerial photography, bitmap texturing support, and improved renderings, CAD User, November/December 2005
  • M-COLOR 9 - presentation plotting software for AutoCAD users is reasonably priced and gives excellent output, highly recommended, Ron LaFon, Cadalyst Management, November 1, 2005
  • PDF Plenty - a roundup of a variety of products designed for PDF output from CAD software, including Adobe products, plotting software and add-ons, Cadalyst, October 2003
  • Bringing Drawings to Life - M-Color is an AutoCAD add-on that provides tools for color, fill and other plot properties to transform 2D drawings into high-quality presentations, CADserver, January 2, 2003
  • M-Color 6.02 - AutoCAD add-on provides excellent control over color, fill and other plot properties, and offers a solid alternative to the native plotting and preview features in AutoCAD, Jim Boyce, CADENCE, August 2002
  • M-Color 6.0: Colour Comes of Age - transforms CAD drawings into high-quality and artistic presentation drawings, Geoff Harrod, Multi-CAD Magazine, April 2002 (pdf hosted on vendor's site)
  • M-Color 5.11 - helpful for AutoCAD users who need better control over plots color application and enhanced preview capability, Jim Boyce, CADENCE, November 2000
  • M-Color 5.01 by Motive Systems - highly recommended for anyone who plots AutoCAD drawings, particularly those who create flat-color presentation work, Michael Yatzus, CADENCE, February 1999
  • Are You an M-person? - greatly improves AutoCAD's off-the-shelf output capability, CADdesk, October 1998 (pdf hosted on vendor's site)
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