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Merlin 3DReviews
  • Visualization - Seven Tools Showcase Your Design - reviews of Art*lantis Render 4.0 by Abvent, Autodesk VIZ 4 by Autodesk, Lightscape 3.2 by Autodesk, Merlin 3D by Digital Immersion, NuGraf Rendering System by Okino Computer Graphics, AccuRender 3.1 by Robert McNeel and Associates, Piranesi 2 by Informatix, Ron LaFon and William Adams, Cadalyst, Jan 2002
  • Merlin 3D - Standalone Visualization - a massive amount of functionality in a rendering and animation application that is still easy to use, Al Dean, CADserver, Aug 22, 2001

  • Fast and Easy for Mid-Range CAD - a look at Merlin 3D and thinkdesign 6.0, two blazingly fast, full-featured and surprisingly easy-to-use design programs, Lawrence S. Gold, Automotive Manufacturing and Production, July 2001

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