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3D Conversion Roundup Review

3D Conversion Roundup: Metrology, Simulation, Inspection Becoming More Integrated

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April 2, 2007

Examined individually, the new products listed below offer new capabilities for quality assurance, metrology, simulation and analysis, and inspection.

New Laser Design Lineup Improves QA, Metrology Processes

Laser Design, Inc. has released a new laser scanner for real-time monitoring of extrusion profiles in a production line environment. The PM-300 Extrusion Profile Monitoring System is a low-cost complex profile monitoring system with .1 mm accuracy. It checks multiple complex feature measurements at the rate of twelve times per second on inline extrusion production lines. The continuous monitoring happens in real-time during the manufacturing process, so every extruded portion is verified to be within spec. Corrections can be made right away whenever the ongoing measurements indicate a problem. When thousands of parts come off the line per day, the cost and time savings potential is enormous.

More information: http://www.laserdesign.com.

New ZPrinter 450 Color 3D Printer Offers Office-Friendly Ease-of-Use at under $40,000

Ease of use is a big part of what the ZPrinter 450 brings to market. Automated operation and new quick-change material cartridges reduce touch time by an estimated 40% over previous models. The ZPrinter 450 uses a single tri-color print head instead of multiple print heads, reducing cost and enabling 66% faster changes. The 3D printer also automatically removes and recycles loose powder.

More information: www.zcorp.com.

Flomerics Applies New Research for Improving Airflow Simulation in Buildings

Flomerics Ltd. has announced six new “SmartParts” for its Flovent software that save time and improve accuracy in simulating the performance of diffusers. The new SmartParts models can simply be dropped into a Flovent model and require only commonly available data for the diffuser such as outside dimensions, flow rate and temperature data.

In another recent announcement, Flomerics Ltd. has announced that EFD.Pro, its Engineering Fluid Dynamics (EFD) analysis software, now supports Wildfire 3 as well as providing an integrated interface with Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica for structural analysis of parts in the aerospace, automotive, HVAC, medical device, and fire protection industries.

EFD.Pro in Pro/Engineer Mechanica

Info at: www.flomerics.com.

COMSOL Multiphysics 3.3a Now Supports Vista, Offers New CAD Import Functionality

COSMOL Multiphysics 3.3a

COMSOL product family features include:

  • The Reaction Engineering Lab now imports reaction kinetics from CHEMKIN
  • New tools for repair and defeaturing of CAD files

More info: www.comsol.com.



  • Strong Sales Growth for 3D Printer

  • HighRES for Rhino 4.0

The full article is available for a fee at CADCAMNet

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