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Etecad File Manager


Etecad File Manager

An AutoCAD-specific replacement for Windows Explorer

By Jim Arthur, April 7, 2003

One of the best ways I can think of to improve productivity is to effectively manage computer files. Windows Explorer is a basic file management tool but there are other programs designed specifically for Cad users that can do a better job.

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Over the years, I have tried several third party Windows based file managers and have been mostly disappointed. Many file managers can support some image formats but few are designed specifically for CAD users. Some dedicated AutoCAD file managers can support dwg or dxf formats but are not designed to support the wide array of other image formats, or if they do, are generally too expensive.

Etecad File Manager EFM as advertised is a complete replacement for Windows Explorer and much more.

It can effortlessly display large networked file directories at least as fast as Windows Explorer. Directories and files can be viewed with the familiar Windows Explorer look or in large or small thumbnail image views.

At the bottom of the main display dialog there is an array of command buttons specifically tailored for AutoCAD users. Open- launches any highlighted file. Insert and Xref allow a highlighted file to be inserted or attached to an open drawing. You can also Plot, Rename, Copy, Move, and Delete files from the command buttons.

EFM also has some other great features accessed by context menus that allow you to add file descriptions such as subject, author, etc. It also has advanced sorting capabilities to display files. Excellent search ability allows one to find files by description or based on AutoCAD drawing properties.

Etecad has also included full support for viewing AutoCAD PLT files and converting DWG or PLT files to PDF, TIFF and DWF formats.

Technical support for EFM is excellent. The developers of EFM have continued to improve this file manager. The latest release now includes even more features like duel pain file viewing.

Engineers and architects who use CAD designed this program and it certainly shows. EFM is by far the best file manager I have ever used. It is also very reasonably priced.

For more information, visit http://www.etecad.com.

About the Author

A CAD user of 20 years, Jim Arthur works for Arcturis, a full-service, St.Louis-based firm providing planning, architecture, interiors and workplace strategies services.

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