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5 Productive SolidWorks Tips, Pt 17 - create blocks from commonly used sketches, invoke sketch picture command to insert reference image, press 'G' to display magnifying glass, copy existing sketch from derived sketch, Lars Christensen, cadcamstuff.com, Jan 13, 2014

SolidWorks Sketch Relations Summary - understanding entities with respect to resulting relations in SolidWorks, Adam Bridgman, Javelin Technologies, Jan 14, 2014

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SolidWorks 2013 - view manipulator to access all usual views, ability to visualize center of gravity in assembly, hold multiple exploded view states, previous release interop, Al Dean & Jeff Mirisola, DEVELOP 3D, Oct 14, 2012

SolidWorks 2012 Marks Debut of Cost Analysis - costing module to estimate costs of parts, ability to explode multi-body parts, freeze features, magnetic line function to align ballooned text, Kenneth Wong, Desktop Engineering, Jan 1, 2012 

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