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Plastic Part Modeling 1 - think3 tutorial how to create a plastic coffee maker housing using solid modeling, surfaces modeling, Boolean and GSM techniques, think3, January 14, 2004

Plastic Part Modeling 2 - think3 tutorial covers a new feature of thinkdesign 8.0 called "Derived Model" and other new modeling techniques, think3, January 14, 2004

Cast Part Modeling - think3 tutorial explains how to manage solids from different profiles and how to manage draft angles starting from different draft solids, then joining them with Booleans, think3, January 13, 2004

Basic Surfing Techniques - think3 tutorial explores the basics of curve and surface creation and modification by creating a teapot from scratch, refining its shape and turning its surfaces into a solid, think3, January 13, 2004

Variational Sketches 1 - thinkdesign tutorial offers exercises on using variational profiles and the Draft Angle command, think3, October 6, 2003

Variational Sketches 2 - in this thinkdesign tutorial you'll model a propeller hub and practice creating variational profiles using reference geometry, think3, October 6, 2003

Variational Sketches 3 - in this thinkdesign tutorial you'll create a piston, beginning with a generic profile before adding dimensional and geometric constraints to create a variational profile, then turn the profile into a solid and adjust the driving dimensions, think3, October 6, 2003

2D Drawing - Basic - thinkdesign tutorial is designed to help you learn the basic commands to create and edit 2D geometry, think3, October 3, 2003

GUI Concepts 2 - in this thinkdesign tutorial you'll rebuild the support piece for a watermill by sketching the outline of the solid then adding a cut, a slot and a protrusion, think3, October 3, 2003

Parametric Modifications - in this thinkdesign tutorial you'll repair a Roman lock bolt and retrieve the connecting rod, think3, October 3, 2003

Smart Objects - thinkdesign tutorial covers what Smart Objects are and how to create your own custom Smart Objects, think3, September 12, 2003

Sheet Metal Basics - thinkdesign tutorial explores how to use the program's enlarged and powerful library of Sheet Metal specific Smart Objects, think3, September 12, 2003

Introduction to thinkteam - explains how to manage Part Data and Document Data of a small mechanical assembly, think3, September 12, 2003

think3 Global Shape Modeling: Basics - this tutorial offers instruction on using think3 Global Shape Modeling functionalities and techniques to modify surfaces while maintaining continuity constraints, think3, August 21, 2003

think3 Parts Modeling: GUI Concepts - tutorial shows how to create a part using 2D sketching tools, then convert it into a solid and fillet, think3, August 19, 2003

Parts Modeling: 2D/3D View Manipulation - thinkdesign tutorial illustrates how to rotate, zoom, pan and change the display and orientation of a model, thinkdesign, August 15, 2003

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