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PTC Gets Real with Augmented Reality - PTC buys Vuforia to bridge digital, physical worlds, integrates Vuforia into ThingWorx IoT platform to facilitate mixed-reality model, Beth Stackpole, Virtual Desktop, Nov 4, 2015

SIGGRAPH 2015: Full Coverage of Computer Graphics Show - event was focused on virtual reality, cloud-based rendering, developers discussed how hardware, software are driving development of VR to make it affordable to masses, Akiko Ashley, Architosh, Aug 21, 2015

Design Viz & VR/AR: The Next Frontier - vendor lag is barrier, only handful of vendors are building VR display capability directly into their visualization tools, Al Dean, DEVELOP 3D, Aug 24, 201

VR's Growing Appeal is an Opportunity for 3D Imaging - 3D imaging professionals have tools, knowledge to quickly, accurately capture exact digital replica of any object, Sean Higgins, SPAR Point Group, Aug 2015

Augmented Reality in AEC - understanding functionality of augmented reality, exploring upcoming technology of augmented reality, its potential application in AEC by capturing highlights of AR in real estate, urban design, construction, Lachmi Khemlani, AECbytes, July 30, 2015

How Virtual Reality Can Improve Online Learning - Pennsylvania State University students are developing technology to use immersive virtual reality tools like Oculus Rift into online teaching, Ilan Mester, ENGINEERING.com, June 18, 2015

Making a VR Headset a Reality - development story of Freefly virtual reality headset, involved challenges, setbacks, technology market changes, Tanya Weaver, DEVELOP 3D, June 5, 2015

Architects Could Love the Microsoft HoloLens - physical architectural model viewed through HoloLens allows to see SketchUp model superimposed upon it, Roopinder Tara, The CAD Insider, May 4, 2015

Boeing's AR Tablet Tool for Assembly Lines - silver balls track movement of objects in 3D space while 6 infrared cameras track balls to maintain real-time position of tablet, Andrew Wheeler, ENGINEERING.com, May 5, 2015


Start Capturing Reality: What Every Structural Engineer Needs to Know - potential coordination issues to consider: confined spaces, temporary structures, data smoothing, analysis requirements, Kate Morrical, CADdigest.com, Dec 17, 2014

How Google's Project Tango and Depth Sensors will Disrupt Apps - depth sensors will help generate 3D maps from images; apps, robots will be able to understand shape of real world, Katie Collins, Wired.Co.UK, Aug 20, 2014

The Possible Future of MCAD CG and Interaction Innovation Showcased at SIGGRAPH 2014 - technologies showcased: magnetic motion tracking system for dexterous 3D interactions, 3D perspective-corrected interactive spherical scalable display, tactile interaction device with virtual force sensation, Jeff Rowe, MCADCafe, Aug 20, 2014

Seen at Siggraph Vancouver 2014 - mobile chip competitors ARM, Imagination Technologies, NVIDIA, Qualcomm were present, Jon Peddie Research discussed virtualization, limitations of cloud, Ralph Grabowski, CADdigest.com, Aug 19, 2014

SIGGRAPH 2014: 'Oscars of Computer Graphics' is Innovators' Chance to Shine - virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D printing were dominant themes of event, Gillian Shaw, The Province, Aug 12, 2014 (

AIA: Trimble's New Concept Apps on Google's Project Tango Look Compelling - concept apps 'SketchUp Scan,' 'Trimble Through The Wall' run on Tango development hardware, can create 3D model of room, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh, July 8, 2014

The End of 3D Modeling: Project Tango at Google I/O - tablet-sized device is based on NVIDIA's Tegra K1 with a 128GB SSD, 4GB of RAM, can construct rough 3D model of environments in real time, Kathleen Maher, Graphic Speak, June 27, 2014

Virtual Reality: A Powerful Engineering Tool - computer-assisted virtual environment systems, head-mounted display systems are being used for design evaluation purposes, Pamela Waterman, Desktop Engineering, June 1, 2014

AVR Glass - Autodesk Virtual Reality Glass in the Age of Cloud - user-friendly hardware allows designing in virtual reality, comes with Kinect Sensor, Wi-fi that logs into Autodesk 360 once it detects motion, limits single design session to maximum of 2 hours, available for $268, Xiaodong Liang, AEC DevBlog, Apr 1, 2014


eDrawings: Augmented Reality iOS - view CAD models in 1:1 scale, visualize models in real 3D context, employ igestures to control model, generate AR code that acts as reference for viewing, Simon Beamish, Solid Solutions, Oct 18, 2013

Canon Shows Multiple Technologies - head mounted MREAL virtual reality device helps user handle facsimile of part, have display of model of part in intended setting, Roopinder Tara, CAD Insider, Aug 9, 2013

The Return of Virtual Reality - Occulus, Epson show varying approaches to headset design at SIGGRAPH 2013, Jon Peddie, Graphic Speak, Aug 6, 2013

Virtual Reality: You Can DIY or Call Virtalis - Virtalis has high-end ActiveCube systems, all expertise to deliver virtual reality system, enough to surrender DIY urge of users, Roopinder Tara, CAD Insider, June 5, 2013

Canon Mixes Up Your Reality - MREAL virtual reality system can show NX model inside existing, real world environment, Roopinder Tara, CAD Insider, June 5, 2013

A Gamification Experiment: Apollonian Obliteration - gamifying augmented reality, Kean Walmsley, Through the Interface, Feb 22, 2013


3Gear Brings You Touch-Free CAD with Kinect-Powered Gestures - Q&A about gesture UI, features expected to be seen using 3D solid modeling software, supported modeling/rendering software, working with mobile workforce, Josh Mings, SolidSmack, Oct 8, 2012

InfiniteZ zSpace - holographic display system has 24" HD LCD panel in desktop-based housing, offers high quality display, integrated pen with buttons for 3D operations, Al Dean, DEVELOP 3D, Jan 24, 2012


MagicPlan App Makes Creating Floor Plans Point-And-Shoot Simple - automatically generates floor plans from photos taken with iPhone/iPad, uses gyroscope to deliver push-button results, Randall Newton, GraphicSpeak, Nov 28, 2011

Augmented Reality for Less Than the Cost of a Webcam - real-time rendering, animation, augmented reality package LinceoVR can transport digital models into live video feed at price of $35, Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop, May 11, 2011

COFES 2011: Invisible Interfaces and Software-Loaded Bacteria - augmented reality system for combat, firefighter training, bacteria for data storage, Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop, Apr 21, 2011

Wow. Super Slick Light Detection Makes Augmented 3D Shine - real light detection with String Augmented Reality, Josh Mings, SolidSmack, Mar 29, 2011

How Augmented Reality Can Change Our Industry - converting real time data into digital form through digital camera can be helpful for AEC industry, Jesson Zafar, The AEC Marketing Progressive, Mar 23, 2011


Augmenting Your Views of Reality - state of the art of augmented reality, from 1st down line on televised football to iPAD apps, Andy Marken, GraphicSpeak, Dec 16, 2010

Cutting the Cord - virtual, augmented reality tools changing human/computer interface, Brian Albright, Desktop Engineering, Dec 1, 2010

Immersive Virtual Reality and Visual Handicap - smart devices helping in several health domains, Sensivise application produced by 3DVIA tools, Richard Breitner, 3D Perspectives, Oct 28, 2010

Pulse Check on Augmented Reality - AR technology, application advancements, real-time 3D, Kate Bourdet, 3D Perspectives, June 29, 2010

Leonar3do 3D. 3D Design in 3D Space - desktop system shows holographic-type image of CAD model, Solid Smack, Apr 12, 2010


Virtual Clay Using Sculptor & Back2CAD - mechanical deformation program Sculptor has powerful analysis functions, element quality checks mesh accuracy, Mike Hudspeth, Desktop Engineering, Nov 1, 2009

Virtual World Primer for CAD People - area of interest for engineers, architects, industrial designers, CAD, animate machines, sharing, more  reasons,  Mark Burhop, Siemens PLM Blog,  July 17, 2008

Virtalis - Reality Bytes: Part II - Virtalis executive talks about workstations for clustering, NVIDIA Quadro cards, SLI technology, more, Greg Corke, MCAD Online, Jan 21, 2008


Reality Bytes - VR at Virtalis - virtual prototyping and its role in global market, software used for it, relationship with CAE vendors, more, Greg Corke, MCAD Online, Dec 13, 2007

The Virtual Perspective - immersive systems use virtual reality for design, collaboration and to minimize planning, Tom Kevan, Desktop Engineering, Nov 2, 2007


Virtual Reality and CAD - put on a helmet or a special pair of glasses and view CAD models in the realm of virtual reality, Machine Design, March 11, 2005

Virtual Engineering Fosters Real Collaboration - new visualization software and hardware re-establishes the connection, Dr. K. Mark Bryden and Dr. Karen Ringel, Advance Imaging Pro, March 1, 2005

A Look Inside Visualization Software Tools – while some doubted that visualizations would find uses in consumer applications, those doubters were proved wrong when developers took a side-trip that led to the delivery of the Web browser, Barry Mazor, Advance Imaging Pro, March 1, 2005

To Simulate, or Not? - virtual technologies are having a growing influence on manufacturing, Jeffrey Rowe, Cadalyst MCAD Tech News #139 February 17, 2005

See It, Feel It, Hear It - virtual reality is increasingly being used for product development in conjunction with CAD/PLM-based visualization solutions, Louise Elliott, Desktop Engineering, February 2005

Automakers Trade 'Mules' for Computers - for more and more car makers, dispensing with conventional prototypes is becoming a great cost- and time-saving solution, Eric Mayne, The Detroit News, February 1, 2005

Simulating Reality - simulation helps organizations gain better design and styling capabilities and save on prototyping costs, Abhinav Singh, Express Computer, January 21, 2005

Virtual Reality and Digital Modeling Go on Trial for a Federal Courtroom Design - 3D tools help refine acoustics, lighting and sight-line analysis, Alan Joch, Architectural Record, January 6, 2005


Reality Check - 15 years after the first pioneers delivered the concept of virtual reality, Andrew Connell, technical director of VR specialist, Virtalis, asks whether the virtual world still a dream or a reality?, Andrew Connell, Cadserver, October 27, 2004

Click to Touch - 3D virtual reality animation software enables people to use a computer to examine the properties of different fabrics, e4engineering, October 4, 2004

Software Uses Sculptor's Touch on Virtual Objects - State University of New York at Buffalo seeks direct intuitive method for working with virtual shapes in a CAD system using the type of glove developed in virtual reality systems, R. Colin Johnson, EE Times, July 27, 2004

Hand in Glove - researchers have developed a new "virtual clay sculpting system" that enables users to replicate in real time on a personal computer the physical act of sculpting a block of clay or other malleable material, e4engineering, July 14, 2004

Michael Raphael: Digitizing for Posterity - a Maryland engineer has been using lasers to create digital records of historic landmarks and objects, such as the Lincoln Memorial and propellers from the Wright Brothers' airplane, Barnaby Wickham, Progressive Engineer

Virtual Reality at Work, Literally - a recently completed project attempted to translate the theoretical value of VR into a practical tool in the workplace while looking into how to make systems more practical for the end users, Information Society, May 3, 2004

Virtual Reality Aids Understanding of Fluid Analysis Results - virtual reality is beginning to have an impact on engineering design by streamlining the process of converting analysis results into design solutions, Kenneth M. Bryden, Cadalyst, March 15, 2004

Haptic Rendering: Introductory Concepts - provides an overview of a technology that allows users to “feel” virtual objects in a simulated environment, Kenneth Salisbury, Francois Conti and Federico Barbagli, IEEE CG&A, March/April 2004 (pdf)

For New Buildings, Digital Models Offer an Advance Walk-Through - the new baseball stadium in Philadelphia won't open until next month, but many people feel they've visited it already after viewing digital models produced by a local architectural firm, Michel Marriott, New York Times, March 4, 2004 (may require free registration)

Stereo 3D Eye Candy - an overview of stereo 3D imaging, which has the potential to become a market of the future in a variety of industries, including CAD, Lutz Mohr, Tom's Hardware Guide, March 4, 2004

Flowing into the Future - researchers at Iowa State University are working on technology to let engineers design and analyze in real time, surrounded by three-dimensional virtual reality, Jean Thilmany, Mechanical Engineering, February 2004


New Research and Explorations into Multiuser Immersive Display Systems - explores the use of immersive display systems for multiple users working together, Mark Bolas, Ian McDowall and Dan Corr, IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, November/December 2003 (pdf)

Designs on the Future - Browzwear's V-Stitcher is a computer simulation program that allows apparel designers to input 2D clothing patterns from virtually any CAD system and then view these virtual patterns as a 3D image on a model, Nicky Blackburn, Israel21c, August 17, 2003

Viewer Explodes Virtual Buildings - immersive virtual reality programs are an impressive way to experience digital architectural models, but they don't always provide the best view, Ted Smalley Bowen, Technology Research New, Technology Research News, August 13, 2003

Toyota Pushes To Do Away with Prototypes - North American plant is a couple of projects away from eliminating physical prototypes in favor of CAD models, Automotive News, August 5, 2003

Virtual Reality Helps Convert Fluid Analysis Results into Solutions - virtual reality is beginning to have a major impact on engineering design by streamlining the process of converting analysis results into design solutions, Kenneth M. Bryden, Mechanical Engineering, July 22, 2003

Engineers Get to Grips with the Internet - engineers from the Virtual Reality Laboratory have developed a new technology that transmits the sensation of touch over the Internet, which could prove useful in manufacturing applications, John Della Contrada, e4engineering, July 1, 2003

Computational Humanities: The New Challenge for VR - immersive 3D virtual environments can provide vivid educational benefits by illustrating how long-lost places looked, taking us to remote world locations and helping to restore historical landmarks, Carolina Cruz-Neira, IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, May/June 2003

Immersive Visualization of Virtual Prototypes - companies such as PTC, Dassault, EDS, Fakespace and Proficiency are producing advanced virtual prototyping and visualization tools that are changing the way complex assemblies are made, Louise Elliott, DE Online, February 2003


Virtual Tune-Up - military aircraft contractor Pratt & Whitney is using wireless motion capture and head-mounted virtual reality displays and data gloves to fine-tune Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jet for the military, Beth Marchant, Digital CAD, December 16, 2002

A Grip on the Future - Immersion's CyberForce haptic tool is intended to work in tandem with CAD programs to help industrial designers get the physical feel of a product before it leaves the screen, Brendan Koerner, Business 2.0, December 2002

3D Display - Philips has developed a new prototype for 3D visualization - and it doesn't require funny glasses, Bill Machrone, PC Magazine, September 3, 2002

CyberForce System Haptic Hand - haptic interfaces, which enable users to interact with 3D environments via the sense of touch, may have a great impact on medicine and other industries, Lance Ulanoff, PC Magazine, September 2002

Perspective on Virtual Reality - a look at how architects are increasingly using virtual reality to evaluate proposed environments, Bob Giddings and Margaret Horne, Architecture Week, August 7, 2002

Daimler-Chrysler Uses Virtual People to Come Up with Manufacturing Solutions - Design News, August 9, 2002

True 3D-Display Without Goggles - new display device by Actuality Systems produces astounding realism in 3D, Alfred Poor, PC Magazine, July 12, 2002

How To Design Cars And Scare Children - GM's cutting-edge 3-D virtual-reality technology center makes little girl scream as pterodactyl pokes head into audience, Steve Konicki, Information Week, June 3, 2002

Immersed In Their Work - virtual-reality environments allow engineers, suppliers and customers to actually interact with new virtual designs, Tim Stevens, Industry Week, June 1, 2002

Making Three-Dimensional Holograms Visible From All Sides - NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory3D applies for patent on a virtual reality display that can be viewed without visual aids, NASA Tech Briefs, May 10, 2002

Exploring a Virtual Future - one architectural firm sculpts design by hand and scans the result using CATIA, Pete Evans, AIA, Architecture Week, April 22, 2002

It's Virtually a Reality - promises of virtual reality have been little more than hype but at an Ontario lab called the Cave, Star Trek fantasies are finally coming to life, Sarah Scott, Saturday Post, March 16, 2002

From Atelier to E-telier: Virtual Design Studios - advances in CAD and visualization, combined with technologies to communicate images, data, and live action, now enable virtual dimensions of the studio experience, Jerry Laiserin, FAIA, Architectural Record, Jan 2002

Inside the Virtual Building - an excellent overview of the role of technology, including CAD, in construction, Maurizio Nannetti, Multi-CAD, Dec 2001/Jan 2002 (pdf file)


Virtual Tests, Real Results - CAD/CAM/CAE growth slows down but visual prototyping is increasing fast, Phil LoPiccolo, CGW, Dec 2001

Necessary Tools - advocates say that the future of engineering can't happen without advanced computing technologies such as virtual reality, Jean Thilmany, Mechanical Engineering, Nov 2001

Moving to the Mainstream - simulation and virtual reality meet increased acceptance, Ben Delaney, CGW, Oct 2001

Electronic Spelunkers - manufacturers using shared access to virtual reality techniques will allow you and your design team "feel" a design, Mechanical Engineering, June 2001

Navigating Virtual Structures - Arup uses NavisWorks to present 3D designs of some of the most famous new bridges in Europe, CADserver, Apr 25, 2001

Digital Mock-up at Jaguar - MCAD, CADserver, January 10, 2001

How Companies Create a Virtual One-Room Team, Part Two - Louise Elliott, Desktop Engineering, January 2001


Model Behavior: Getting Into Virtual Prototypes - Janet Gould, Desktop Engineering Online, December 2000

PTC Goes After Virtual Modeling Market - by Matt Villano, Boston Software news

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