3 New Releases for Tekla Users

April 5, 2016 | Comments

In a bid to suit the ever-changing needs of the AEC industry, three of Trimble’s Tekla platforms were recently updated for 2016. These updated versions have a slew of tools to make design and analysis easier for civil and structural engineers and designers, including a shiny new user interface and a wider range of information management.

What can users expect to see in the 2016 refresh of Tekla Structures, Tekla Structural Designer and Tekla Tedds?

A look at the new UI for Tekla Structures 2016 showcases the ribbon feature. (Image courtesy of Tekla.)


Tekla Structures 2016

Tekla Structures is Trimble’s version of building information modeling (BIM) software. It boasts an “open” approach to BIM. According to the company, this means that the software can interface with external analysis and design systems.

Structures has received a range of new tools and capabilities in its 2016 rendition, including:

  • A new ribbon feature for essential commands, which are grouped according to function
  • A customizable contextual toolbar, which reportedly replaces both the Mini Toolbar and the direct modification toolbar
  • New columns in the task manager for “completeness tracking,” “schedule mode” and “move with predecessor”
  • Improvements to the rebar shape manager, which now allows users to set bending rules based on custom properties
  • A new 2D library feature, which lets users save and reuse drawing sections and details in order to reduce time spent inputting standard details or maintaining DWG files
  • Improvements for IFC compatibility, including spatial hierarchy for exported IFC files and improved conversion of IFC objects
  • New support for imports from SketchUp 2016

For the full list of features and improvements, check out the release notes here.

Tekla Structural Designer 2016 has been updated to allow for the level of collaboration users are accustomed to in Tekla Structures, shown here. (Image courtesy of Tekla.)


Tekla Structural Designer 2016

Tekla Structural Designer is another BIM offering from Trimble. However, where Structures is an all-purpose design software platform, Structural Designer focuses on designing and analyzing steel and concrete structures.

Structural Designer 2016 has a few new updates and features, including:

  • Reduced modeling and processing times and improved performance during analysis and design of steel and concrete structures
  • An expanded set of building codes, which will now let users design structures to Indian codes
  • A new set of seismic design and detailing checks, which will let users meet US codes of practice
  • An ability to design airport pad and strip foundations to meet a range of international building codes within the same model

For the full list of features and improvements, check out the release notes here.


Tekla Tedds 2016

Tekla Tedds 2016 serves as a calculation and analysis documentation tool for BIM designs. The software lets users automate calculations for structural and civil designs in order to reduce time spent on spreadsheets.

The new version has a few new tools and tricks, including:

  • A capacity for users to write, store and distribute custom calculations
  • A new ability to design and analyze features like retaining walls, foundations and steel and concrete beams to US and European standards

For the full list of features and improvements, check out the website here.


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