IoT Shower Head May Save Consumers $400 a Year

June 24, 2016 | Comments

Engineers have developed what they claim to be the first Internet of Things (IoT) shower head device, with it being capable of reducing water usage by up to 60 percent—or approximately $400 of savings per year.

The aiga shower head device contains a WiFi-enabled control system that allows users to decide how much water they intend to save. It is capable of being installed in almost ever type of shower head in under two minutes.

IoT shower head

The IoT device aiga is a combined hardware and software system that allows consumers more control over how they would like to save water. (Image courtesy of aiga.)


See Its Insides

The developers of aiga state the design achieves its water-saving feat through “combined cutting-edge sensors and aeronautical flow control systems.” Without giving away too many details, they have released the following videos where engineers can see inside the individual components of the device.

inside aiga

The aiga Kickstarter campaign features videos of the hardware inside the shower head device. (Image courtesy of aiga.)


For Individual Consumers

The device is connected to the aiga app, from which consumers can simply choose what percentage of water they want to save before having a shower. The range of water savings they are able to choose from is between 25 and 60 percent.

Users of the app are also able to customize the flow pattern of their shower, adjusting it so that the flow can vary with time. Water savings can also be based around the price of water, a value that changes according to the season or time of day.


For Commercial Users

The makers of aiga claim that the product does not compromise the water pressure delivered by the shower, making it appealing to commercial buyers such as hotel owners. For these consumers, aiga offers a cloud-based system where the user can track the overall water consumption and control the settings of up to 5,000 showers on a dashboard.

The cloud system enables the commercial user to create algorithms that adjust the water usage on a daily basis, creating savings on an enormous scale.


Water Saving Is About More than Money

aiga prides itself in being a certified EPA WaterSense product. The WaterSense label is a nation-wide initiative that encourages technologies to be designed to perform well and help save water, energy and money. The idea is to make products such as aiga accessible to consumers so they can contribute to protecting precious resources.

Accessibility is another characteristic that aiga developers strive for. Once it is launched on the market, the aiga device will cost $65, a price that can pay for itself within two months.

To learn more about aiga, visit its website. There is also the option to preorder the product on the company’s Kickstarter website.


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